Your Meditation Partner

The Living Crystal creates a subtle magnetic field around you and your environment, helping you to focus, sense your subtle energy body, and awaken to true reality.

Awaken Your Potential,
Power & Purpose

  • Mindfulness Meditation

    Attain a calm, focused, and balanced state of being

  • Stress Release

    Release anxiety and clear chronic energy blocks

  • Focus Management

    Turn down the energetic noise and find your focus

  • Energy Awareness

    Amplify and further fine-tune your sensitivity to energy

what makes the living crystal work

Amplify the power of your mind with the push of a button

  • Vogel Inspired Crystal: Precision-Enhanced Clarity
  • Copper Coil: Magnetic Resonance Amplifier
  • LED Illuminated Crystal: Vibrant Light Emission

We Offer 3 Premium Crystals

Unlock the full potential of your crystal collection

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