The Living Crystal Necklace

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The Living Crystal Necklace marries the timeless elegance of a Vogel-inspired quartz crystal with the dynamic energy of a copper coil setting. This exquisite piece is not only a sophisticated accessory but also serves as a personal amplifier of positive vibrations, ideal for enhancing meditation and promoting a sense of calm. Its versatile design ensures it’s suited for both spiritual practice and stylish wear, making it a unique addition to any ensemble. Embrace this beautiful symbol of harmony and experience a deeper connection to your inner self with every wear.

Refined Elegance, Spiritual Depth

The Living Crystal Necklace embodies a seamless integration of timeless crystal energy with a contemporary twist. A piece that transcends mere adornment, it stands as a beacon of inner peace and a personal energy enhancer.

Consciously Crafted, Mindfully Adorned

Entwined within a spiraling copper coil, our necklace features a clear quartz crystal, cut to resonate with the powerful geometry of Vogel-inspired design. Each polished surface is angled to capture and focus life’s energies, bringing a sense of clarity and purpose to your daily rituals.

Spiritual Versatility in Design

The Living Crystal Necklace is a versatile accessory that can gracefully transition from a focused meditation session to a sophisticated night out. It’s a statement piece that speaks to your spiritual journey and a commitment to living in harmony with the universe.


It includes the following:

  • Vogel-inspired crystal coiled in copper
  • Soft Black Nylon cord with clasp
  • Stylish box
Weight .100 kg
Dimensions 3 × 5 × 2 cm