At The Living Crystal, we believe in the profound impact of harmonizing ancient wisdom with modern technology. Our unique meditation device has not only transformed the practice of meditation but also enriched the lives of countless individuals. From seasoned energy workers to those beginning their journey into mindfulness, The Living Crystal offers a pathway to deeper understanding, intuitive growth, and personal enlightenment.

“What’s interesting is working with different crystals or objects, the Living Crystal creates a different Feeling that allows people to deepen their practice.”

Ali Young – Chiang Mai Holistic

“I use the amethyst quartz on my Living Crystal, which expands my mind more during meditation. This helps me release whatever energy that is not aligned with my vision.”

Joanne – Practitioner

“It is one of my favorite tools that I use in my spiritual practice. When you place crystals/objects into The Living Crystal’s field, it tends to amplify and amplify!”

Jake Green – Reiki Master