The Living Crystal creates a subtle magnetic field around you and your environment, helping you to focus, sense your subtle energy body, and awaken to true reality.

Mindfulness Meditation

Attain a calm, focused, and balanced state of being

Stress Release

Release anxiety and clear chronic energy blocks

Focus Management

Turn down the energetic noise and find your focus

Energy Awareness

Amplify and further fine-tune your sensitivity to energy

Your Meditation Partner

fine-tune your sensitivity to energy

Meditation is a powerful way to find inner peace, clarity, and focus, but it can be difficult to stay present and focused when our minds are constantly racing. That’s where The Living Crystal comes in.  It is designed to help you stay present and fully engaged in your meditation practice, no matter where you are.

If you want to meditate with focus and transform yourself, working with this universal energy is the single most important skill you’ll ever learn. Luckily, it doesn’t take much time since all you need is already within you – you just need a way to increase your sensitivity.

The Living Crystal grants you maximum access to life force energy and a calming stillness that you can feel right away.

what makes the living crystal work

amplify the power of your mind with the push of a button

The Living Crystal, inspired by Marcel Vogel’s research,  is believed to be efficient to focus and direct energy for powerful and positive mental, emotional, and physical health effects through meditation and healing practices.

The Vogel crystal amplifies energy for meditation. It works by connecting with the water in the body, increasing sensitivity to life force energy. 

A 9V battery powers a copper coil that creates a magnetic field around a Vogel crystal, creating a field effect and energizing the surrounding area. 

The top crystal affects the field and using a different crystal gives a different experience. An LED light illuminates the center of the crystal and provides a soothing white light.

Each crystal possesses unique properties that can elevate your meditation practice, whether it’s to promote relaxation, balance emotions, or to release negativity. Crystals are a natural companion to enhance your meditation journey and manifest positive energy.



The Living Crystal helps to promote focus and balance in life by magnifying energy and enabling deeper states of mindfulness.


The Living Crystal provides an opportunity for release and freedom through its energy amplification and support for deeper states of relaxation.