integrated crystal & intuitive healings

Crystals come in many different shapes, sizes, colours and textures and each has a unique energetic vibration. This tranquil session uses crystals to help you balance the chakras, cleanse your aura, release blockages and move stagnant energy, creating a lighter, more free-flowing energy pattern.

Intuitive healing nurtures you and allows your energy to be unblocked and ready to receive the healing love of Spirit. This session may include the release of etheric cords, attachments, bindings, clear psychic attack and more - all in a positive, safe and gentle environment.
An integrated crystal & intuitive healing session combines these two techniques to enhance the healing experience. In addition, messages from Spirit and loved ones passed over may be received. A Spirit Art drawing, astrology overview and oracle card reading may also be incorporated in the 1½ hour session .

1 hour or 1½  hour sessions are available.

To book your appoinment, please contact Kirsty directly either via mobile 0439 551 412 or email  [email protected]

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